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Is “Fitness over 50” an oxymoron?

Now that my kids are nearly grown, and I have more time to exercise and eat well, why is staying fit and keeping my weight down turning out to be so hard?   Although I’m not an athlete, I’ve always cared about staying in shape. I was blessed with a high metabolism and lean body […]


Hope Springs even for hopeless marriages, with humor

  My husband and I went to see Hope Springs last weekend. It’s a movie starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, about baby boomers whose marriage seems beyond fixing. Yet somehow, with the assistance of a marriage therapist played by Steve Carell, they do fix it, eventually arriving at a secure, sensual and joyful state they never could […]

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Michele Obama: midlife as the First Lady

Michele rocks.   She recently said she never discusses weight with her daughters. See this video from Huff Post: http://youtu.be/zw3bD_z   And didn’t she look great for her surprise Oscar appearance?  


Connecting women in person and online

Anne has always enjoyed building community, and she felt the need for authentic community more than ever when she reached midlife. That’s why she started QuinceWomen, an online community for midlife women.

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